E-commerce Site with Smartcard Payment Mechanism

This site was created as part of Chris Lacey's final year project, entitled Development of an E-commerce Site with Smartcard Payment Mechanism, supervised by Mr. P J Miller and Prof. K J Blow, and moderated by Dr. J A R Williams.

Resources available:
Project specification (RTF) 6th Nov 2000
Interim progress report (RTF) 15th Dec 2000
Interim presentation slides (Powerpoint 95) 23rd Jan 2001
Final presentation slides (Powerpoint 95) 4th May 2001
SmartWallet Protocols diagram (TIFF) 4th May 2001
Final project report (HTML) 11th May 2001
Final project report (PDF) 11th May 2001
Final project report (Word 97) 11th May 2001

SmartCentre (card issuer) web site
SmartMarket (vendor) web site (Log in with username=guest, password=guest)
Card credit demonstration site
Card debit demonstration site

(The above sites are now hosted on a server upon which the SmartWallet software has not been installed.
Consequently, card transactions will no longer function correctly.)

Windows Truetype fonts for use with documentation and web sites (ZIP)

Thanks to:
Staff in the Electronic Engineering group at the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Aston University.
Hitachi Smart Commerce division, for donation of smartcard equipment and provision of technical support.
Mike Meyerstein of BT for providing information and source code with respect to Mondex value transfer.
Friends and colleagues within Fixed Point and Data Solutions at BTexact Technologies, Adastral Park.

All material © Chris Lacey / Aston University, 2000-2001.
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